When I started working with Penelope, I was in a place of despair. I was completely exhausted emotionally and physically from letting my own well being and basic health go to the bottom of my priority list. I was surprised by Penelope’s uncanny ability early on to tease out the issues and insecurities that needed to be addressed.

With her support and guidance, I have worked through some of my unfounded guilt about not being ‘enough’. As a result, I have been able to make small shifts in my thinking that better serve me and those around me, including saying ‘no’ sometimes! I have also learned to be a better leader in communicating with my peers.

Practically speaking, I’ve been able to make one small change at a time, and, if that doesn’t work, try something else. She has helped me return to the strategies in Dr. Drummond’s book and also given me new resources such as the book ‘Crucial Conversations’ to help me learn new concepts and ideas to try.

Now, Instead of a picture of despair and exhaustion, I have a picture of what I want that I can strive for. Penelope has been a great accountability partner as I’ve moved forward to make healthy and mindful decisions. The insights that I have gained in our work together have been life changing.

Jennifer A, Family Practice Doc

When I first started coaching with Penelope, I was unhappy because I was dealing with a difficult boss and my job was not meeting my expectations. Penelope taught me deep breathing and other techniques to help me on rough days. She also helped me see how unrealistic expectations were in fact contributing to my stress. I was surprised by how quickly I felt better about things once we started working together. I was in crisis mode when I started coaching, but by talking with Penelope and doing something about my job unhappiness, I felt so much better. Now, I am happy to report we have a much more peaceful practice, with a lot less arguing, and a lot less frustration. I’m also way better now at leaving work drama at work.

Katie A, Neonatologist

When I began working with Penelope, I wanted to build my brand and increase my networking skills. My challenge was coming out of my shell and stepping beyond my comfort zone. I was surprised by how deep our conversations went, but Penelope helped me to really dig into my feelings and understand that my ultimate goals in life were the true motivation for me to take these steps. Being clear on my motivation fueled my drive towards doing things I might not be comfortable doing but needed to do in order to accomplish my goal. It really is a great feeling coming out on the other side of it, knowing you did it, and it really isn’t that bad, or you might even be good at it! After our work together, I have more confidence in myself and my ability to try new and challenging things to help me achieve my end goal.

Jessica S, Comcast

Each session is quite effective to me. Dr. Hsu really helped me to identify my areas for improvement and empowered me to explore my potentials. She is cheerful but also very open to sharing her feelings and stories, which really strengthened our connections during coaching. She asked right questions to help me explore my own answers and helped me think through the consequences and impacts. If I have to pick what impacted me the most from our time together, I would say Dr. Hsu really helped me recognize the importance of self-reflection and put it in practice.

I am more aware of my strengths and areas for improvement. I have been taking action steps to build more self-confidence and trust. By taking more self-reflection, I am able to take the time to ask myself the important questions, gain a better understanding of my emotions, strengths, weaknesses and driving factors.

Not just out of curiosity, Dr. Hsu is very good at asking right questions. Her questions really helped me take the time to better assess myself and the situation. The questions also helped me to think of solutions on my own, which empowered me to succeed in my professional and personal life.
I REALLY appreciate what my coach has done so far. The experience has been satisfactory to me.

Shan H, Manager, Womankind

This was a really amazing experience for me and it really helped me navigate the most difficult period in my life. I’m really grateful to have had this experience.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first signed up for coaching, but I did think it would be limited to career counseling and would be limited in impact as well. It was only 3 sessions after all. Well, I was wrong. At the end of it, I did have a clearer vision for what I want for myself career-wise, but I got there by first learning to care for myself as a person. Penelope Hsu gave me the tools to build my inner resources so that I was able to think clearly about my future.

When I first started working with Penelope, I felt overwhelmed juggling professional and personal obligations. Since then, however, I feel better equipped to manage everything on my plate and still practice self-care. I am grateful for the experience I had with Penelope and I would recommend her without any hesitation.

Minerva I, Director, Teach for America

When I first met Penelope, I was overwhelmed at a new job and putting pressure on myself to be perfect. As a result, I spent every minute, even in my free time, focused on being better at my job. I didn’t realize how severe this stress was until my body started rebelling against me and I got shingles! Working with Penelope, I learned that I needed to value myself as well as my patients. I learned to prioritize time for myself and for reflection, which were the keys to true balance between work and life for me. I also learned that being a good doctor means always being open to learning new things, and that it’s okay to refresh your knowledge base regularly. I was quite surprised that we were able to get straight to the heart of the issue in the first session, which immediately lifted a huge weight. Then we were able to spend a lot of time working on different ways to manage the issues, both emotionally and practically. I can honestly say that learning and practicing these things will be the difference between a long career in medicine and burning out within the first few years!

VB, Pediatrician

When I first started working with Penelope, I was struggling with having a disorganized system at work. I was not getting notes done in a timely manner, not delegating to staff, and not having control of visits. This forced me to chart at home, run behind by at least an hour every day, and stay late at work. I was missing quality time with family and missing quality sleep.

Penelope understood me more than I expected, especially when I couldn’t find the words or express my thoughts clearly. She got to the root of things with her questions and coaching, showing me how I had been subconsciously limiting myself from changing or improving. It was eye opening to learn all this about myself, but I began to see areas of strength that I could improve and areas of weakness that I finally felt I could change. It wasn’t easy, but I finally started to acknowledge my own accomplishments and give myself credit for all that I do for my patients and my family.

As I began meeting my goals with Penelope’s support, I could feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders and my mind opening up, like the sky clearing up after a rainstorm, helping me to see and think more clearly. I’m now able to feel more confident and competent as I care for patients. I’m able to spend more time with my 3yo daughter. I now know that I can make effective changes, which I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.

CP, Family Practice

I reached out for coaching because I was very frustrated with my job. The schedule was exhausting, the workload was overwhelming, and I never felt appreciated. I wanted a change but was unsure of how to create that change.

Working with Penelope, I first learned that I always had choice, over my perspective, my actions, and my options. With her practical guidance, I revamped my resume, created a Linkedin Profile, and found a job that is much more in line with what I want. My relationship with my new boss is enhanced because I have learned how to effectively communicate my needs and I feel empowered to ask for and do the things I want.

Coaching held me accountable and kept me motivated. Looking back in a very short period, I completely changed my life – found a new job, but more importantly a new perspective. I feel like I have more power over my life! Thank you!

AS, pediatrician

I feel more confident and noticed significant growth! Penelope is very friendly and relatable, making it easy to talk about challenges. She was also very real and positive at the same time. I really value Penelope and her coaching support!

Stephen P, Associate Partner, Learning Accelerator

I had an AWESOME discovery session with Penelope today! She is so kind, knowledgeable and energetic! She’s helped me with my plan and I already feel more optimistic and energized!! I’m going to recommend her to colleagues!!

Liz F, Physician Assistant

Your support, guidance, teaching, and care warrants an entire lifetime book even for the short time we have worked together. I appreciate you so much…and those few words dont do justice to what I’ve gained. I am FILLED WITH GRATITUDE.

You taught me how to think through our culture of achievement and perfectionism. I am so grateful for the growth you gave me and am passionate to pass that along. After all, this is about our collective growth. I hope for more people to be connected to your wisdom.