Speaking Engagements, Podcasts and Interviews from Penelope Hsu

Physicians on Purpose Podcast

In part two of this series on physician suicide, Penelope and her colleage Dr Pam Pappas share their tips on how to reach out to a colleague that may be in distress…before it’s too late. Drawing on their own experiences suffering through suicidal ideation, Drs Hsu and Pappas share heartfelt interventions that could save a life.

Physicians on Purpose Podcast

In part one of this series on physician suicide, Penelope and her colleague Dr Pam Pappas share their personal experiences of suicidal ideation. They chart the dark descent into depression and hopelessness they both experienced, as well as the turning point that ultimately saved their lives. A difficult conversation to be had, but both Dr Hsu and Dr Pappas use their own stories to educate, uplift, and inspire further conversations on physician suicide.


Physicians on Purpose Podcast

Penelope shares her signature Physician Burnout Prevention toolkit with The Happy MD. Learn 5 practical and effective tools that can reduce your stress in less than a minute.

Beyond the Rx Podcast

With her passion for working with doctors in training, Dr Hsu spoke with Shwetha Kochi of the Beyond the Rx Podcast to introduce the concepts of physician burnout to be alert for, whether you are a medical student or an attending. She also explains what coaching is and why it is the perfect modality to help prevent and recover from burnout.

Physicians on Purpose Podcast

Penelope and Dr. Dike Drummond of The Happy MD discuss how having crucial conversations can enhance your practice and your life. Learning simple phraseology and techniques, based on the methodology of Crucial Conversations (TM) , can be a powerful tool to recover from and prevent physician burnout.

Crushing The Myth-Asian American Speaker

After becoming the Speaker Coach for Crushing The Myth, Penelope refined her original speech to really dive deep into her journey through some of the darkest times of her life to get to the other side to a life of joy and balance.

Coach Chat

Dr Hsu chats with fellow coaches Laurie Lawson and Bernie Siegel about the unique path she has forged for herself-incorporating medicine, acting, and coaching. Her own struggles to be authentic and balanced have led her to help others find clarity and purpose in their own lives.

Crushing The Myth – Asian American Speaker Series

Penelope spoke at the inaugural event for Crushing The Myth – Asian American Speaker Series in NYC. She, along with other speakers, addressed issues around specific myths and cultural expectations that broadly effect the community. She walked the audience down part of the dark and difficult path that she has taken herself to achieve good mental health. Then she told how she uses her training and and experience as a physician, professional actor, and life and leadership coach to help all people to achieve balance and passion in their personal and professional lives.